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07/04/2018, 12:27

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Digital fabrication is a production system for building solid and three-dimensional objects starting from digital drawings.
Thanks to the evolution of technology, today we can use machines such as 3D printers, laser cutting and milling.
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The digital fabrication brings other advantages: no need to do good storage (no warehouse); the designer can directly follow the various stages of construction, intervening promptly on any changes; possibility of producing small series or even a single piece of the product; infinite personalizations of the same design.
All this has given new life to the Italian market of artisans, makers and designers.
The design that is designed is digital and uses sophisticated systems such as cad, dxf, stl and ’the engineering’ of the production system in one of the three modes that make up today the digital fabrication ie addition printing or 3D print, that for subtraction or CNC and laser cutting.
By digitally producing, there is the possibility of making a few pieces with a competitive industrial cost with that of the big industry, effectively canceling out economies of scale.

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It can be produced anywhere: the file can be transferred and shared instantly, downloaded by the end user and produced on a city server.
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There are still few designers using this manufacturing system.
Since 2014, Fablab Catania has been promoting digital education by offering workshops and professional training courses both on the design side and under the use of machinery dedicated to digital fabrication.

The next scheduled course will take place in May 2018 every Thursday afternoon.
For information and participation, please visit the link or write to or send a WhatsApp to 3927058740.


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